Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning upholstery has its own distinct set of challenges. There are many more kinds of Uph.clean 1upholstery fabrics than there are carpet materials, and the types of soils are more numerous too. Start with the air around us; dust and pollen are always floating around and they end up on the upholstery as much as they do the floor or the bookshelf!  Then there’s us; oils from our skin, dirt from our clothes, food we spill. Now throw in the pets; cat hair (and the associated dander), dog drool and fur oils, yuck! Oh, and did I mention dust mites and all their contributions?  (I won’t go into detail!)

Luckily, there are some things that can be doneFirst You A thorough regular (every couple of months) vacuuming will do wonders for your upholstery. Keeping it out of direct sunlight is virtually impossible, I know, but helps avoid damage from the sun’s rays like fading and dry rot.  Regularly rotating the cushions (if possible) will even out the wear. In addition, use those arm protectors! I know they’re a pain, but they really work. Now us:  Depending on where it is and how much it’s used, a professional restorative cleaning with a heated solution will do wonders for your couches, chairs and ottomans. Annual cleaning is recommended for the stuff in the family room, whereas the formal sitting room furniture can usually go longer in between cleanings. The heated cleaning solution sanitizes the fabric, flushes out the soils and allergens, and removes the dust mites and their associated irritants, leaving your upholstery feeling and looking fresh and clean.